François Hautier

Gameplay Programmer

Welcome, dear visitor!

I introduce myself: my name is François Hautier and I’m 23 years old.

I have always been passionate about video games and I’m today Gameplay Programmer, creating projects with Unity in C# as well as with Unreal Engine in C++.

Here, you can discover most of the games, prototypes, and tools that I created. All projects are richly illustrated, and some are even playable, don’t hesitate to test them!

If you don’t have time, you can take a look at the discovery tour! It will briefly summarise the main points of my Gameplay Programmer career.

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Personal games

All my games created alone, and playable by everyone! With a lot of conviviality inside.

Professional projects

Projects created during my work experience.

Studies projects

Games created in team during my studies. All are prototypes.


Specific projects which help the development of my games.

3D Creations

Before my specialisation as a programmer, I was interested about the 3D renders. Here are some examples of my creations.

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