François Hautier

Gameplay Programmer

The corridor

As part of a workshop during my fifth year of studies at the school Pole IIID, Maximilien Dehove came to teach us the basics of PBR environment creation with Unreal Engine 4.

With the Phobia team for one week, we created this environment and enjoyed the occasion to organise our production processes, useful to our future horror game.


The work has been equitably shared in our team of 5 people. Everyone has taken part to the modelling and the UV mapping of the 3D elements for the environment.

I took part to the blueprints creation (lights flickering, doors opening) and to the integration of the FPS character controller. Guilherme Fernandes has created the textures in Substance Designer and painted the 3D models in Substance Painter. Jeremy Lesage has created the different FXs and advanced materials, and the initial blocking of the environment. Marianne Bal has created the textures of the different tags and stickers, and had greatly taken part to the 3D elements production. Finally, Simon Hembert has integrated and placed each element in Unreal Engine, and was in charge of the final environment lighting.