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    Category: Professional projects

    Asterix & Obelix XXL 3: The Crystal Menhir

    I had the opportunity to join the development of Asterix & Obelix XXL 3. Initially integrated into the project as Tools Programmer to technically assist the production of the cutscenes, I have finally been charged to create the 54 game cutscenes, under the direction of the lead animator.

    This project was also the occasion for me to meet OEngine, proprietary game engine of OSome Studio: both as programmer (creation/improvement of features for the cutscenes editor), and also as user (cutscenes production).

    Splash Force – Terrain system

    In Talking Tom Splash Force, the player controls Tom. On his island, he bombards the naughty raccoons in front of him with water balloons.

    In order to have an infinite replay value, we needed to generate a limitless number of terrains. But it was mandatory to create them by hand if necessary, especially for the first 20 battles of the player.

    It’s in that context that I conceived the terrain system. After having shaped a terrain and placed elements on it (player, enemies), all is generated automatically!

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    Created by Spooklight Studio, Kouji is a messaging application using the augmented reality, available on iOS and Android. With Kouji, you can create your avatar and place it in your environment. After choosing him an animation, you can film it alone or with your friends’ avatars, and share the video.

    Under the management of the Lead Programmer, and later in charge of the code architecture, I created a lot of facets of the application: development of native plugins in Objective C and Java, client-server development, UI development or integration of analytics.

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    Terrain Viewer

    This project has been created for the agency Clerc-com, during an internship of two and half months that I made in summer 2016.

    My task was to create an application including the pattern of a 3D scene, and a tool inside Unity which allow to personalise it in some minutes for any customer interested in this service.

    The end user can move from one view to another, which spotlights many points of interest on the terrain. The final application is exportable for Oculus Rift, Android and WebGL.

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