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    Phobia is my end-of-studies project developed through 1 year. It’s a narrative horror game which uses the HTC Vive.

    The player controls Abbigail, accompanied by her loyal dog Echo. To find her friend Elijah disappeared in an abandoned swimming pool, Abbigail must escape from the materialisation of her ‘Phobia’: the fear of drowning.

    We were 5 working on this project, from October 2016 to September 2017. I worked as main developer. I especially worked on the artificial intelligence (AI) of Echo, the integration of the HTC Vive, and of the story in the gameplay.

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    Terrain Viewer

    This project has been created for the agency Clerc-com, during an internship of two and half months that I made in summer 2016.

    My task was to create an application including the pattern of a 3D scene, and a tool inside Unity which allow to personalise it in some minutes for any customer interested in this service.

    The end user can move from one view to another, which spotlights many points of interest on the terrain. The final application is exportable for Oculus Rift, Android and WebGL.

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