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    Tankounet is an arcade tank battle multiplayer game, inspired by the mini-game ‘tanks’ of Wii Play. I developed it alone during the beginning of the year 2015.

    The game is playable in your browser, in 1vs1 matches. The commands are explained below. Access to the game by clicking here, or below on the Unity WebGL badge!

    Play to Tankounet!

    Tankounet is straight playable in your browser. The demo is very simple: each player controls a tank, and the aim is just to hit his opponent to win the round. You can play it for nights to defeat your partner in every possible way, the match is endless.


    The game is compatible with the Xbox 360 controllers. It’s very recommended to use them!

    CommandPlayer 1 and 2
    MoveLeft stick
    Turn the turretRight stick

    If you don’t have any controllers (or only one), dry your tears. You can play with the keyboard. You will be condemned to move and fire in only 8 directions instead of infinity. Without taking into account that the keyboard can’t manage enough key press and that can be a problem.

    CommandPlayer 1Player 2
    MoveZ Q S DArrow keys
    Turn the turretO K L M5 1 2 3 (keypad)
    FireSpace0 (keypad)


    The game is inspired by the mini-game ‘tanks’ of Wii Play. I always liked this game, and I have always thought that Nintendo hasn’t exploited enough this idea, that there was a way to do more. In the original game, it’s just a simple sequence of levels more and more difficult in cooperation with 2 players.

    The idea of Tankounet, it’s the possibility to push this concept and to play in multiplayer match. Imagine play on the same screen, on local network, or online. In differents game modes like deathmatch, capture the flag or king of the hill. With matches which can be modified as you want, in 1vs1, 2vs2, 3vs3, 4vs4, in team, every man for himself, in each game mode…

    The work done

    The playable demo of Tankounet is just the visible part of the iceberg. I worked hard on several points of the project.

    The elements on the map are placed so that the player can understand where are the boundaries of the terrain.

    The first is the visual aspect, thing which isn’t my speciality. I tried to get a cartoon effect in the style of The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker. For the 3D model of the tank, I took inspiration from my 3D modelling of the M1 Abrams, and simplifying it to get a cuter look.

    For the level design, I took care to create a symmetrical map. I placed each element so that we can pinpoint the shape of the terrain, and I made sure that the orthographic view doesn’t disturb the player. With the map available in the playable demo, I also created another one bigger for 4 players.

    And how can I not mention the huge work to make the game playable on network? I spent a lot of time to create a system to make the game playable on local network and online, based on the Unity network layer of that time. Nowadays all of this work is outdated, but it gave me the opportunity to learn the fundamentals which served me later on the project The Wolf Game, which works with UNET.