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    Category: Studies projects


    Phobia is my end-of-studies project developed through 1 year. It’s a narrative horror game which uses the HTC Vive.

    The player controls Abbigail, accompanied by her loyal dog Echo. To find her friend Elijah disappeared in an abandoned swimming pool, Abbigail must escape from the materialisation of her ‘Phobia’: the fear of drowning.

    We were 5 working on this project, from October 2016 to September 2017. I worked as main developer. I especially worked on the artificial intelligence (AI) of Echo, the integration of the HTC Vive, and of the story in the gameplay.

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    Land Ahoy!

    Land Ahoy! is a turn-based strategy game for 2 players.

    It was developed during my fourth year of studies at the school Pole IIID, by a team of 8 people for 3 months. Our constraint was to create a turn-based game. I worked as the main developer on the game.

    Each player lands of his flying ship to capture the same piece of land. The player who will kill in first the Fucking Chicken at the centre of the island will win the match!

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    The Wolf Game

    The Wolf Game is an asymmetric FPS multiplayer, playable on LAN or online for 5 players.

    A player plays a wolf and must catch the 4 other players who play children, and themselves have to catch the wolf. But watch out, during each full moon, the wolf increases its hunter abilities… Children must not stay alone!

    The game was developed at the end of the year 2015, during my fourth year of studies at the school Pole IIID, by a team of 4 people for 3 months. I have been responsible for the complete programming of the game.

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